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Name:Patrick (Duo Maxwell)
My name is Patrick and I'm a supple 16-year-old boy with a mean abusive father and an icky sister. My mother was a filthy filthy whore and left me because women are all filthy bitchy whores! Everyone picks on me at school for being gay and femmy and different, my father and sister take turns hitting me, and everyone hates me! I cut myself at night to relieve the pain.

I love yaoi so much, kawaii bishieboys and studly semes are soooooo pretty together! All female characters are nasty bitches who are just there to get in the way of the pure yaoi love, all het is Mary Sues and icky boring crap and yuri has too many vaginas in it!

My life sucks so bad that I dream of being taken away to a magical world where I'm a special magical prettyboy like in my favorite romantic yaoi fanfics where everything is happy and perfect and me and my one true love have lots of sweet lovey sex! ^_^ *sighs sappily*

Interests (141):

ai no kusabi, aishiteru, angel of death, angst, anime, anti-het, anti-yuri, ashley ashes, avatar the last airbender, bashing female characters, bawwww, being a crybaby, being a damsel, being a drama queen, being a moron, being a victim, being a weeaboo, being an angst whore, being an entitlement whore, being annoying, being delicate, being delusional, being gay, bishounen, boylove, bridget is mean, cassie is a bitch, code geass, comfort sex, crystalline tears, daddy hits me, digimon, draco in leather pants, drama, eddies of cream flesh, emily is a bitch, emo tears, evanescence, fanon, final fantasy, forbidden love, fredrick, fruits basket, furry, fushigi yuugi, girlish hips, girls are icky, gordy-chan, gravitation, gundam wing, guns, harry potter, healing cock, hee-chan, het is ew, humping gordy-chan's leg, hurt/comfort, i hate relena, i'm a woobie, i'm so oppressed, jpop, julia is a bitch, kawaii bishounen, kingdom hearts, koi, lemons, linkin park, lovemaking, lucy is icky, manga, manlove, manly men, maxie is a skank, mila is icky, milos is cute, misogyny, missy is a cunt, moist caverns, moistened muscles, molly is a bitch, mpreg, my sister's a bitch, nancy is scary, naruto, not real life, otakin, pain, panther babies, parroting gordy-chan, penis worship, percival is mean, persecution complex, pigging out, pining for hee-chan, playing the victim, pokemon, practical jokes, pretending, purple prose, real life yaoi, reeking of maleness, rose petals, sap, sappy romance, self-cutting, self-lubricating anus, sephiroth, sexy men, sharp objects, sheik is not zelda, shirohane, shoulders of a maiden, sorcerer hunters, soulbonding, soulbonding through anal sex, squeeing, stereotypes, studly semes, sue should shut up, sugar high, syrius is soooo cute, throwing tantrums, tiger sex, tragedy, trisha is a whore, vaginas have cooties, video games, wangst, wapanese, weepy ukes, weiss kreuz, whining, wiriamu-kun believes me!, wish fulfillment, woobies, wounded gazelle gambit, x japan, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yiff, zach is an oppressive meanie
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